What is Sidex? Sidex is smart and integrated elevator destination extended solution. We explain the definition of this system with an example, let’s assume that during the high traffic hour of such as the hospital, in the morning when the staff arrive, doctors, a large number of people enter the building together and go to the elevators to go to the upper floors. In the conventional mode, which is currently active on the hospital elevators, people press the key to request movement to the upper floors and, based on the priority of the time they entered the complex, board the elevators that are moving upward and enter the cabin. They choose the elevator of their desired floor. Another problem with calling the elevators in the usual way is the confusion and lack of information of the passengers about the elevator that has been sent to take them to this floor.

Also, due to the fact that there is a density of employees in the floors below the ground floor, i.e. the parking lots, the elevator starts to pick up passengers based on the default settings from the lowest requested floor and when the elevator reaches the The ground floor of the elevator cabin will not have the capacity to board passengers. The elevator on the ground floor will have many unnecessary stops, and the passengers on the ground floor will have to summon the elevator again after passing the elevator, which will reduce the speed of service to passengers.
The destination control system adds various facilities to the elevators in traffic management using control tools. This system solves many existing problems and, in other words, gives order to the current structure of the complex for boarding passengers. The destination control system has a panel for passenger request on each floor and the passengers choose their destination at the origin and the elevator is introduced to them based on the chosen destination, in this case the keys to the floors and also the keys inside the elevator cabin when using the control system Destinations are inactive.

A very important point in this method is the assignment of passengers at the time of request. In this case, passengers are separated based on the selected destinations and referred to the appropriate elevators. Gives to passengers.

Our Products

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Elevator smart and integrated destination extended solution.


Elevator touch smart and industrial phone with access control on it


Elevator access control system with the ability of adding floors


Elevator smart and industrial voice announcement with the ability of adding to telephone and access control


Elevator smart and industrial dot matrix display for showing the floors and the direction of the elevator


Elevator smart and industrial terminal designing for using elevator cabin COP

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